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Not every church is able to have a full-fledged media department on board. But those sermon Powerpoints and ministry event promos aren't going to create themselves! Here are three specially crafted subscription packages that cater to the unique needs of churches and ministries - from weekly worship stills to annual outreach events, we've got you covered.

Category 1 refers to "low-mid level workload" projects. For example, weekly sermon titles/slides and related standard digital sets (TV announcement slide, front web graphic, web button etc). Category 1 print needs can include posters, flyers, standing banners etc.


Category 2 refers to "mid-high level workload" projects. For example, special one-time events and related promo materials, larger publications (e.g. booklets, manuals, magazines etc), and branding

Each new graphic request will count as one project, and includes unlimited revisions. This subscription method will greatly help your church and ministry leaders to plan and implement their media needs throughout the year. Best of all, you do not have to stick with the same package every month. For busier seasons (like Fall through Christmas), pick from a Grande or even Venti package. In the slower (Summer) or regular seasons, you have the option of the Tall package. Just pick which one you want at the start of the month and we'll go from there!

Don't think a subscription suits you? No problem!

There are plenty other standalone packages and deliverables in the sea.

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