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Every business or organization should be able to have a good designer without going to extremes - especially so for the start-ups and small to medium companies! ChameleonDesigns strikes a nice balance between a big-agency project and one created by your friend's cousin who studied art history one time in high school. Whether it's a branding package, an annual report, or a website, we will work together to meet your specific design needs. Here are some ideas to help get you started.





The most important step to kick-starting your new business is with some solid branding.

Your brand defines the heart and soul of your organization, and good visual communication will bring these values to life. Yes, of course you'll need a logo. But that's only the start - effective branding covers a wide range of messengers. From your namecards to your online presence - they all matter! 

Here are 4 packages specially created to suit your branding needs, whatever they may be.




Find out how my design process usually works, starting off with your role and then tag-teaming it on to me. We will work together to get your project to the best it can be, so it is important to have a mutual understanding before we shift things into high gear! For process information specific to a project, just click on its "SELECT" button.





Already have a rock-star logo? Awesome. Want to take your business one step further and build your online presence? Even better! Here are 3 packages specially crafted for all your web-building needs. After all, this is 2017 - the Internet awaits!






Your branding is spot on. Your website looks crisp and effective. You're on a roll!

Now check out how some these print publications could give your business the boost it's been waiting for. Because even in this digital age, sometimes nothing beats good ol' tradition.





From family portraits to food photography, I will be more than happy to snap away. I believe photography involves knowing both how and what to capture. It goes beyond technical knowledge of handling the right equiptment. Capturing the essence of a photo requires attention to detail and spotting the key elements to frame and create a story - it's storytelling through the lens! 


Photoshoots start at $180/session and include 25 final print-ready photos. Each session will take about an hour. Check out my previous shoots and if you like what you see, give me a shout!



Each additional revision will be subject to an extra charge. 

Final deliverables include all final print-ready and web-friendly JPEG, PNG, and vector files.

Logo packages will include a font and color palette in addition to all logo rights.

Website package prices do not include hosting and domain costs.



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